Get Rid of Child Cavity

We adults can take good care of our teeth but children are not so trained or often lack awareness about oral health and hygiene and fall into the pit of tooth decay and cavities. It is us adults who should make them aware of how to keep their oral health intact and prevent any harm to their teeth.
Sometimes they suffer from tooth decay and cavities, which can be very easily cured by using simple home remedies without visiting a dentist to drill and fill them.

Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil

Yes, there are no medical specimens but many people across the world have noticed that if you take cod liver oil and butter oil capsules daily in your diet then they would not only help you keep away from any cavities but would also heal if any have already formed. There are many user stories present online to confirm that this is true.
These two are highly recommended as a dietary supplement to ensure not only healthy teeth but also a healthy child overall. Cod liver is an essential oil extracted from the liver of Atlantic cod and is high in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A and vitamin D and is assumed to have therapeutic properties that heal wounded teeth, hairs and nails and skin.
Butter Oil is the composite form of various types of fat lipids which are considered good for health and is taken as dietary supplement across the world. It is said to consists of nutrients that readily heals cavities.


Turmeric consists of many therapeutic properties like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial which provide all over protection and healing to your teeth from bacteria and cavities. Just massage turmeric powder on your teeth (especially the affected area) and it will reduce the pain and gradual heal the cavity.
Make a natural mouthwash with turmeric powder, cloves and guava leaf powder and water. Rinse your mouth twice daily to keep it healthy and away from cavities.
It can also be used in form of paste by mixing it with salt and mustard oil. It will relief you from gingivitis and keep your gums healthy. It can even be taken in your daily diet as part of your meal, it will help protect your teeth from decaying from sugar food contains.


Dry neem leaves can be turned into powder form and be used to heal tooth cavities. It can be used in various forms. Just mix some powder with salt and rub it on the affected area. Then rinse away with clean water. Practicing this twice daily can help heal tooth decay.

You can also take a soft neem tree stems to chew and brush your teeth. It helps fighting tooth decay and cavity-causing bacteria. Its extract while chewing helps fight germs, keep bacteria away, maintains the alkaline levels in your mouth, treats swollen gums and makes your teeth whiter. It also helps remove plaque from your tooth which if left on its own would react with sugar in your food to cause cavities.