Get Rid of Child Cavity

We adults can take good care of our teeth but children are not so trained or often lack awareness about oral health and hygiene and fall into the pit of tooth decay and cavities. It is us adults who should make them aware of how to keep their oral health intact and prevent any harm to their teeth. Sometimes they suffer from tooth decay and cavities, which can be very easily cured by using simple home remedies without visiting a dentist to drill and fill them. Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil Yes, there are no medical specimens but many people across the world have noticed that if you take cod liver oil and butter oil capsules daily in your diet then they would not only help you keep away from any cavities but would also heal if any have already formed. There are many user stories present online to confirm that this is true. These two are highly recommended as a dietary supplement to ensure not only healthy teeth but also a healthy child overall. Cod liver is an essential